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Arrfscarf Dog Ice Cream Beef Brisket

Arrfscarf Dog Ice Cream Beef Brisket

We wanted our pup to experience ice cream. We wanted it to be healthy, nutritious, and fresh. We set out to create the best dog ice cream. It all begins with yogurt, vanilla, and honey. Those three ingredients are the simple base. The magic happens when  we pair our ice cream base with one of our flavor creations.  

Handmade in Chicago.  Local.  Fresh.  Organic.  Preservative Free.  No filers, additives, wheat, colorings, soy, grain or gluten.

Eight hours simmering in the oven with yams and carrots, our beef brisket comes to life slowly. The beef is shredded, the yams are mashed, and they are all combined with our ice cream base. Your pup can experience a delicious beef entree all from a small cup of ice cream. 

Locally Sourced Beef Brisket. Organic Yams. Vanilla. Honey. Greek Yogurt.