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The Other Milk Frozen Snack Beef

The Other Milk Frozen Snack Beef

A frozen healthy snack made from raw goat milk and beef bone broth. Designed to be an alternative to treats for pups looking for a more balanced and nutrient-focused diet. 


Each serving contains a source of real protein and all the benefits of raw goat milk.  Arrfscarf's frozen goat milk is paired with hemp seeds and coconut oil. Together it forms a nutrient-filled snack for your pup. Handmade in Chicago.  Local.  Fresh.  Organic. Preservative Free.  No filers, additives, wheat, colorings, soy, grain or gluten.

Raw Goat Milk.  Organic Artisanal Beef.  Bone Broth.  Organic Hemp Hearts.  Coconut Oil.